Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can a Pennwick cart go?
Our standard motor is 4hp and will allow you to go up to 20 mph.
You can upgrade to a 6hp motor that will bring your top speed up to 25 mph.
If you are really interested in speed we can put in an 18hp motor that will allow you to go up to 40mph.

How far can I go on one charge?
Typically you can go up to 40 miles or play about three rounds of golf.

What are my color choices?
Color choice is only limited by your imagination. If you see a car that you like the color of you can provide us with the make, model, and year and we can match the exact shade. Color swatches are available upon request.

Can I get a gas chassis?
Absolutely. The gas chassis is available as an upgrade.

What type of battery system is used?
All of our carts feature a 48 volt system. It is a six 8volt battery configuration. We have found that it is the longest lasting system.

How long will it take to charge my battery?
It will take 6 hours to charge your battery from dead to full.

Can you put my logo, initials, or….. on my cart?
Yes. We can put almost any image you want on the body, embroidered on the seats, or even stitched into the carpet if you have chosen that upgrade.

Can I get leather seats?
Yes, but we don’t recommend them. The vinyl seats we offer are made to withstand the elements. Due to the open nature of golf carts your leather seats will be exposed to the elements making it difficult to properly care for your leather. Having said that we are happy to make your seats leather if that is what you want.

Why doesn’t Pennwick built is own chassis’ and motors?
Pennwick has a staff of artisans and craftsmen not engineers. We use Club Car chassis’ and motors because they have a track record of being the best in the industry.

How long will it take for my Pennwick cart to arrive?
Depending on the level of customization it generally takes four to five weeks from order to delivery. Some shipping distances can add to the timeline.

How “custom” can I get?
As custom as you want. Our craftsmen are incredibly talented in working with both the inside and outside of our carts. If you have something specific in mind please contact us. We love involving our clients in the design process.


Call John Pennington at 801-319-6900

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